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Tennis legend Rene LACOSTE operated on court with a wild, persevering tenacity, "never letting go of his pray", and his vigor earned him a formidable nickname, "The Crocodile". His tennis nom de plume also later became the logo of his eponymous sportswear label, LACOSTE. "The Crocodile" is not only a logo, but also a design inspiration. This January, LACOSTE footwear had just launched its latest online venture, 24teeth.

24 teeth comes from an interesting zoology tidbit about the crocodile's biting habits. Even though the fearsome reptile has many razor-sharp teeth, only exactly 24 are used to bit into the prey. The number 24 is incorporated into various items such as the 12.12 Pique Polo (where 12+ 12= 24).

The new website is dedicated the trend collections which includes and highlights trend projects and partnerships from the past, present and future. The site will not only showcase new and upcoming products, but also preview and keep all updated on collaborations, films, projects and events. Aside from current updates, the site also features an interactive timeline that gives visitors a comprehensive look into the label's history, important partnerships and everything that has contributed to making LACOSTE the heritage sportswear label it is today.

Visit the site which had just launched today, join in one of the available online forums to share your stories and opinions with other fans, and also take some time to check out links to the LACOSTE Facebook page!