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BBlessing - Spring/Summer 2010 - "LOST" Inspired T-Shirt Collection

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Every story no matter how complicated, will culminate to an end. As hit abc series LOST will be premiering its final season next Tuesday on Feb. 2, the mysterious plane crash and questions surrounding the byzantine island are set to be answered. Paying homage to the finale season of LOST, BBlessing will be releasing a capsule collection of LOST inspired tees coinciding with the premiere next week. There are seven tees in this collection and aside from perpetuating BBlessing's darkly romantic aesthetics, it has also drawn inspiration from the stories. For instance, "An Other Life" tee is inspired by Desmond's line "See you in another life, brother", and a score of "Good Vibrations" printed in a rustic copper shade against a black tee stays in reference to the Beach Boys song which is the code for the Looking Glass station computer which helped Charlie make contact with Penny (incidentally, it is also the last song Charlie hears before a kamikaze Russian cyclops hits him with a grenade and drowns him. The line of tee designed by BBlessing's very own Nicholas Kratochvil is a simple and more sophisticated rendition of fan tees and will prove to be sartorially relevant regardless of the show's impending end. via: Selectism