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Dior Homme - Fall/Winter 2010

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After Kris Van Assche took the helm of Dior Homme, the label which had never been Christian Dior's intention took on a new life and cut the line a little slack quite literally. Proportions sway relaxed and pants no longer wrap like bandages. A darkly romantic swish follows in with volume and the label's signature dark palettes.

This season through a collection entitled "Coal", Kris Van Assche brings us a different romanticized sentiment that translates a sense of solemn wanderlust, deeply redolent of a modern traveler transgressing through desolate lands of heavy industrialization. Models filed out around and wandered through a halo of walkway, surrounding semi-circle pits filled with coal and illuminated by lighting magician, Thierry Dreyfus' lighting rigs. Cascading trenches breezed through in generous cuts, concealing while revealing an all-black ensemble topped off with sliver linings on tie stripes and shoulder seams. Cashmere, wool, and leather are crafted to languish with finely tailored trousers in pleated volumes or straight legs. While the overall presentation was swathed in a somber bleakness, the collection is nevertheless sleek, elegant with pitch perfect sophistication. Real, wearable and relating Kris Van Assche's vision of the contemporary, intelligent men in a new world, Dior Homme continues to stand strong against all competition in 2010. via: A Blog Curated By Kris Van Assche