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Freshness Feature: Refreshing Authenticity: A Conversation with Levi Maestro

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Perhaps a sense of curiosity and desire to peek into other people's lives is ingrained in the human mindset, and this has probably in turn fueled the rise of reality television over the past decade and more. The quality of television programming have been in many's opinion, gone fast downhill, thriving constantly on presupposed hype and artificial drama, therefore delivering controversial, trashy programs such as MTV's latest Jersey Shore. Amidst sensory overload from television and light-speed user generated content, news and everything in between and beyond, few projects actually stand out, and even fewer have the quality to back up its popularity.

In comes Levi Maestro, the mastermind behind online series, Maestro Knows. With a determination to return to his roots of simple, honest filming and a desire to connect with inspiring friends and sharing their stories on the internet, Maestro has come a long way since Maestro Knows started a year ago, and even released an extremely well-received collaborative tee with 13th Wonder. The success and credibility Maestro enjoys today is largely due to a refreshingly honest take on people and the world around him, sharing candid conversations only friends who truly trust and understand each other can have. Some of the subjects Maestro Knows have profiled include renowned music producer 9th Wonder, tattoo doyen Mister Cartoon and burgeoning BMX whiz Nigel Sylvester.

Freshness was excited to get a word in with Maestro, chatting about everything under the sun from his work, to kicks, music and great cities to live in. Check out our freshly released feature and get to know the man who behind the awe-inspiring videos of key and newly prominent additions in the industry.

> Freshness Feature - Refreshing Authenticity: A Conversation With Levi Maestro Of Maestro Knows