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Pierre Hardy - Spring/Summer 2010 - Footwear

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French footwear designer Pierre Hardy may have made his name in the footwear industry with the ladies' all-time favorite open toe stiletto peep-toe shoes, but his foray into mens footwear has proven successful with solid collections of sneakers and classic menswear silhouettes that often draw inspiration from the art world. After last year's colorful Nubuckorama sneaker inspired by Gilbert and Georges, this season marks a similar return to simplicity where kicks are either kept in monochrome or pops with simple color trimmings.

Other than a previously previewed pair of black and white hi-cut sneakers, the rest of the collection proves to operate upon the same principles where depth is created through contrast in trimming and upper. Some stand out pairs include a white hi-top number in Pierre Hardy's classic strapped silhouette with red suede and blue leather trimming; a pair of tonal grey leather sneaker is kept subdued down to the matching soles and enjoys a bright spotlight with stark white laces. Classic desert boots are recreated with a more sophisticated, tapered toe, thinner soles and fitting ankle, making the shoes quite worthy of suits on a casual day.

The Pierre Hardy Spring/Summer 2010 collection is now available for purchase at retailers such as studiohomme.