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ACL + Co. x Steven Alan - Oxford Shirts

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Michael Williams, the man behind one of the best written blogs, A Continuous Lean, is a man who champions the Americana. His opinions have become pearls of sartorial wisdom many do take into serious consideration when it comes to anything wardrobe related. A eye for simple design, quality and function for the average guy who do want to stay well dressed has proven to be the hit point for ACL's success. As such, Williams' foray onto the other side of the scene, designing a pair of classic Oxford shirts with the help of esteemed New York designer Steven Alan, is something that will be promising, but something that proves to be promising.

The collaboration came about as the men continuously pass each other in the morning on their way to work-- Alan heading south from SoHo to Tribeca, and Williams heading from Financial District to SoHo. A conversation on collaboration strikes up, and after much talk and discussion, the black and white Oxford shirts embodying thoughtful designs and styles of both men come into realization. The classic oxford shirts combine Steven Alan's single stitching and truncated fit with Williams' passion for local manufacturing and favorite details such as garment-dyed fabric and single flap chest pocket. The result? A pair of gorgeously crafted shirts that are practical, fitting and easy to wear.

In terms of color scheme, the classic black and white color scheme is adopted in favor over plaids that have been in Williams' opinion, exhausted. While the man also proclaimed that the black version is a nod to Johnny Cash, the white is a homage to Paul Newman, who is also from Cleveland just like Williams.

Both shirts are now available for purchase via: the ACL online shop. via: T Magazine and ACL