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Jeremy Scott - Spring/Summer 2010 - JSMickey Black Sunglasses

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Let's just say, in order to truly appreciate Jeremy Scott, a good sense of humor is in order. And to wear Jeremy Scott, a good sense of humor, ability to not take things seriously and courage are of absolute necessity. The New York designer is known for his outrageous designs that draw inspiration from all kinds of pop references from music to cartoon characters, and everything along the way which tickles his fancy.

For the past few seasons, Mickey Mouse and colors, a lot of colors, have been some of the key players in his work. The Mickey Mouse ears seem to fascinate Scott and have found themselves time and time again on sweatshirts, dresses...and this season, on sunglasses. The new JSMickey Black sunglasses grab attention like the popular shutter shades from two years ago, but rather than a wicked, nonchalant cool edge, this has a wicked fun edge. The round thick black framed sunglasses sport rose colored lenses (pun joke, anyone?) and comes with fold-able flats that stretch out like mouse ears when unfolded. You could play with it and fold them back down for a nap or to make a statement, fold the right one down, the left one down...Much like toys and shades combined into one object, the glasses are absolutely not for the faint of heart and requires one to be able to laugh at himself/herself. Nonetheless, sunglasses taking design cues from the happiest place on Earth should promise nothing but a good time in the sun. via: Opening Ceremony