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KiD CuDi - "cudderisback" | Video

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On his latest tour run, hip-hop's favorite kid, KiD CuDi, stopped in Boston to connect and perform for the fans, and also completed a fun side project. KiD CuDi and his crew worked with Jason Goldwatch from DECON (a creative media agency behind hit advertising, videos and related productions for clients such as Netflix, Shakira, Red Bull and Jay-Z). Meant to be a documentary of KiD CuDi and gang when not under the searing stage spotlights, the video is quite funny and takes liberal shots at jokes that well, are familiar to B comedies (KiD CuDi called it a "douchey documentary" so that should explain the comedy quite aptly). The video is set to Cudi's latest song, "cudderisback", so don't take it too seriously, sit back and enjoy! via: DP