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Levis x House of Holland - Spring/Summer 2010 - Limited Edition Denim Collection

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The last time Henry Holland's House of Holland got their hands on the classic Levi's 501 denim, the iconic American blues were washed over in polka dots, flowers and everything happily imaginable (or unimaginable to that effect) to a cheerful ovation from the fashion conscious. This year, the British fun house of fashion keeps on trucking with the Americana heritage denim label to release another limited edition collection in February, putting the House of Holland's outrageous cheeky sense of humor and design on the latter's classic pieces.

The limited edition collection consists of denim jackets, jeans and tops all reworked in Holland's outlandish, creative British attitude-- no fear, no limits, no qualms about going far far over the boundaries. While last year was more of a rehash of flower power in a more contemporary light, this year seems to sport a masochistic rocker meets hippie lumberjack trucker look. The classic denim are cut loose and retro in signature light blue wash, but taken on a Holland twist with black denim bondage inspired straps layering on ankles, flanking sides of the denim jacket in cut-out fashion and slung over and under shoulders like the sheriff's holster. Manlier but possibly more suited for the sartorially courageous and daring, the House of Holland man does not shy away from the spotlight and revel in them. Of course, for the man who made a name for himself by printing cheeky dazzlingly colored tees featuring irreverent fashion rhymes ("Do Me In The Park, Marc", anyone?), we wouldn't have expected anything less. via: ArtSchoolVets