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Casio - G-Shock EXILIM G Digital Camera | Release Information

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The wrist straps on cameras exist for a reason--because cameras are fragile and can't really withstand shock of any kind. As such, for active outdoor people, documenting their adventures are difficult and either require a lot of money for protective additions or sturdy cameras, or, they would have to compromise on the quality of photographs. Casio revolutionizes the photography lifestyle by fusing one of the electronic maker's most popular product, the G-Shock watch, with its equally raved about EXILIM compact digital camera. Fused with G-Shock's shock resistance technology, the new EXILIM G is the ultimate extreme shooting gear which can tough out drops, falls and even water. The EXILIM G doesn't compromise on photography specs and comes in 12.1 MP with 3X digital zoon, facial recognition, a special Youtube recording mode and various easy to use scenic modes. The camera is due to release this weekend on Jan. 29 and can be purchased online via: Casio. Possibly your toughest camera yet, now you can finally forgo the annoying wrist straps that get in your way of beautiful photography.

Release Date: January 29th (Friday)