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Naked and Famous - Limited Edition 24 oz Selvedge Denim | Available Now

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If you feel like you know about Naked & Famous but are not quite sure where and how (but you do innately know they make wonderful denim), there is a good reason. Naked & Famous is one of the very few labels out there who does not spend extra money on marketing and advertising (the team takes every little matter down to sales into their own hands) and instead focuses all their money and energy on creating wonderful denim of superior quality.

The Canadian label sources the most unique and rare denim fabric from Japan's prestigious mills and champion producing the best and most expensive denim in the world. After sourcing fabric individually, the jeans are put together using dedicated old school and meticulous modern practices. The denims are kept simple and raw (naked, if you may) without excessive decorations that would detract denim from its most important essence-- fit and fabric. After cutting unnecessary costs, the label is able to provide the best denim for a reasonable price.

Just released this month is a pair of special edition 24oz Selvedge denim that will have heavy denim lovers palpitate with excitement. The 24oz denim is so thick it is almost an impossible feat to weave and even more daunting to sew. The rigid denim were put together in a niche sewing factory in San Francisco where in-house mechanics had to calibrate the machine after sewing two to three pairs. The denim is done in a beautiful pure indigo dye and matched with the thickest leather patch that had to be sewn on with machines used for manufacturing golf bags.

Only Naked & Famous would go through the olympic sartorial hassle to provide the world with one of the heaviest, best quality denim out there. Only 200 pairs are made, so for those who are looking to cop a pair to break in and wear down, look out for them at your closest Naked & Famous retailer.