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Evan Hecox x Curated by Arkitip - Incase iPhone Slider Cases | Preview

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To compliment Apple fiend's favorite mobile gadgets, the sixth installment of   Curated by Arkitip created by artist-cum-designer,   Evan Hecox., will not only spot 15" Macbook sleeves we have previewed last week, but also come with matching Incase iPhone 3G/3GS slider cases. For those who are unfamiliar with Hecox, the artist is known for prints which depict the complexity of urban environment and everyday lives of the average city man through high-contrast print sketches. The mundane is elevated into a new aesthetic realm through Hecox's amplication process which renders stark, cinematic images that encompass the urban experience. The slider cases in this collaboration bear emblems iconic of Hecox's modern metropolises throughout the world, and it features nationalistic symbols reinterpreted through Hecox's personal stylistic lens. Hecox breaks down these signature emblems, remove and rework certain elements while emphasizing others to create imagery which treads the ground between familiar and new. Like the Macbook sleeves, the new Incase slider cases will be available very soon on Feb. 9.

Release Date: February 9th (Tuesday)