LRG x Freshness - Giveaway | The Winner is...


A big thank-you to all who participated in Freshness' latest giveaway held in conjunction with Santa Ana's Lifted Research Group (LRG). The label's iconic 47 Guns Salute Backpack has finally found a new home with our reader, Denise Lao. The giveaway ended at the end of January on the night of Jan. 31 and we have randomly selected a winner through an overwhelming pile of Twitter entries. If you missed out on the roomy 47 Guns Salute Backpack this time, fret not, stay tuned with Freshness as we do have more excellent giveaways planned for 2010. Do check back regularly and frequently for updates so as not to miss out on wonderful freebies!

WINNER IS @deniselao (Denise Lao)