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Dee and Ricky x Pepsi - Lego Pop Pins

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Few men can boast working a job they love, and even fewer can safely say they have lived out their childhood dreams and turned play into something both creative and lucrative. Designer twin duo, Dee and Ricky are one of the lucky select few who have transformed a childhood hobby into a successful business. Dee & Ricky are known for their work with LEGO and their accessories creations have not only caught the eyes of those who covet the new and interesting, but their work has also appeared on the runway for renowned designers such as Marc Jacobs. This time around, the duo have been commissioned by Pepsi and EPIPHANY to create limited edition Pepsi logo pins. The new Pepsi logo is rebuilt in LEGO blocks by the twins and made into wearable pins. While the first release of the Pepsi pins are only gifted to a select group of cultural influencer, those who are looking to cop one for fun and wear can expect a retail release in the near future.