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Nike Co-Lab Hoodie - England/James Jarvis | Brazil/Nunca

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As previously reported, Nike Sportswear has collaborated with six renowned contemporary artist this season to create special footballer's kits for fans to celebrate and commemorate the 2010 FIFA World Cup. While we have already shared pictures of the tee shirts created by English artist James Jarvis and Brazilian artist Nunca for this occasion, here are hoodies by respective artists to top over the silk-screened graphic tees.

The loyalty toppers come in matching colorways for each country-- Jarvis' hoodied being grey with red accents and Nunca's are blue with green and yellow accents. The graphic themes also fall in line with the tees. Nunca adopts Incan symbolism and a primitive style of graffiti known as "Pixacao" for the hoodie, lining the blue hoodied with a yellow tribal printed lining. Meanwhile, the chest logo is an eye-like crest which encompasses five stars to symbolize Brazil's five championship titles in worldcup and special hieroglyphic type to connect his modern wearer with his ancient roots.

As for Jarvis, the number "10" found on the grey hoodie is a representation of perfection as the number has been traditionally reserved for the most beautiful player of the game. A text embroidery logo of "England" in ye olde fancy English font gives the hoodie a wonderful medieval tune. Both hoodies are now available online at Nike Store alongside the tees, so affiliate and get into the game as the world gears up for some soccer action.