PUMA - "The Black Label" - Fall/Winter 2010 | Preview


The Black Label from PUMA operates on a very simple and well-attempted concept that is now prevalent in the sneaker market-- combining sports with fashion. While the thought of giving sportswear a sartorial edge is nothing new, well executed concepts are difficult to find, and PUMA has managed to accomplish the task with flair and sophistication.

As previewed by the SHOES MASTER, The Black Label from PUMA takes quite a different spin from its current collection of slim-cut racing and running low tops and occasional boot that are reminiscent of classic high-end luxury footwear and sneakers from Gucci or Louis Vuitton. The Fall/Winter 2010 season is varied in silhouette, and tougher and edgier in design. Rather than the previous stream-lined and tightly fitted silhouettes, the new collection takes on a popular chunkier proportion and introduces them to the beloved hi-tops in the sneaker world. Some interesting design points include a play on a double tongue and a subtle burnished distressed outline on the tumbled leather for the iconic PUMA stripe. Low-tops come with foldable backs so they can be work as slip ons and desert boots are remixed with rubber soles and dressed in PUMA stripes. While there are intriguing and subtle plays on creativity in the designs, The Black Label remains measuredly subdued and mature in premium materials and classic tonal shades of grey, black, white and tans.

For those men whose offices enjoy a more relaxed dress code, these could possibly make a run to the office and replace the tired loafers for happier feet. Or, these would be easy and appropriate to transition from day to night and from outdoors to indoors with. via: SHOES MASTER