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Pro-Keds - Spring 2010 | Video

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Take a moment, clear your minds and imagine: where will your kicks take you? PRO-Keds has an idea and they are mighty certain they can take you beyond the city and through realms of human compassion. In a new PRO-Keds short film produced by Dante Ross and direxcted by Monihan Monihan, the Spring 2010 collection of different PRO-Keds shoes made their way through various pairs of feet in New York City to find their rightful owners. The stranded man was reunited with his missing shoe with the help of a PRO-Keds wearing stranger; mismatched sneakers are finally paired up with their better halves and people connected through kicks in the city. Quite an interesting montage of lives a la "missed connections", the film is quite enjoyable and the fresh line-up of kicks just makes it so much better.