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fragment design - Tech-Wrap | Release Information


Hiroshi Fujiwara's fragment design had won the gadget-savvy over a while ago with a very popular Tech-Wrap. While its name simply suggests protecting gadgets, and may not detract one from his or her loyalty to gadget accessories makers such as Incase, a look and test later, many are fated to fall in love with the ultra-flexible and almighty Tech-Wrap. The Tech-Wrap looks like a piece of coaster at first glance, but it can be folded into different sizes and shapes to fit different gadgets with Velcro enclosures. The Tech Wrap is heat resistant, oil-resistant, water resistant, and protects your gadgets from possible chemical spills. Set to release very soon on Friday online at the hnyee Store, the new Tech-Wrap comes in three fresh coloways for the small fragment design lightning logo. Get your favorite gadget a custom fitted home this season without actually having to fork over a fortune for customization. for customization. via: Honeyee

Release Date: February 12th (Friday)