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Dockers - "Wear The Pants" Khaki Campaign

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No more "pants on the ground" nonsense! No more hipster tight pants you can't climb a flight of stairs in without a rip in the bottom! Heritage khaki label, The Dockers Brand, has revived the most under appreciated wardrobe staple in every man's closet this year and culminated more than 20 years of perfecting khakis into a collection of re-designed, re-energized khakis.

The new season stays masculine and urges all man to once again, buck up and "Wear The Pants" (a cheeky, irreverent campaign always helps to rally the boys) with three different categories of khakis. The three collections remade for the modern man are the soft khaki, the tailored khaki and the military khaki. The soft khaki is crafted from 100% cotton and comes in a wonderful spread of 10 different soft-washed shades such as Confederate Blue, Lotus Green and Ocean Spray, giving your possible work staple a vacation vibe when cuffed and worn with your trusty Sperry Top-Siders. For the classically sartorial-minded men, the tailored khakis introduce a contemporary shape that neither slouches nor constricts but fits just right while veering far from the "Dilbert-hood" cubicle khaki. If the soft khaki and tailored khakis are not quite what you are looking for, the military khaki will be the epitome your khaki masculinity with button fly and what resembles authentic military hardware.

Love your khakis again, love wearing pants and be a man this season with Dockers (as the collections are now available for order now online via: Dockers).