F.C.R.B. - Spring/Summer 2010 - Camouflage Pack


While the entry criteria for FIFA World Cup does perhaps prevent some countries from playing and could be overcome eventually (for instance, as long as the two-year-old Kosovo is internationally recognized as an independent nation...). Sadly, the F.C.R.B team will probably never be able to make it to the world stage. That said, it is because F.C.R.B is a fictional soccer team created by Nike and SOPHNET to help soccer fans enjoy the sport in Spring 2010 with style and maximum mobility. In this light, it seems perfectly appropriate for the label to go a little incognito with a fresh drop of Camouflage items at NOTE. The pack of two including a camouflage training windbreaker featuring the F.C.R.B Swoosh logo on the back and matching elastic game shorts are set to give your summer jacket and plain white tees a tough yet ventilated and mobile touch. If you are quite feeling the F.C.R.B vibe and would like something fun and creative to kick a soccer ball around in, these can be found at NOTE.