Native Son - Fall/Winter 2010 - 3D Presentation | Video

After Blu-ray and HDTV, as we have previously reported, 3D is the new viewing experience that is about to blow all other entertainment visual experiences out of the water and slowly become the norm of viewing standards. While ESPN has already picked up the 3D trend with plans to launch its very own 3D channel this summer (alongside the releases of 3D TV), the fashion world has been quick up pick up and capitalize the trend and use the tool to its greatest advantage.

Los Angeles based luxury menswear label, Native Son, has not only caught on with the 3D technology, but has also executed it with macabre precision and maximized the effectiveness of presenting his collection in 3D video which lures and invites all to reach out and touch the intangible image before them.

In the designer's very own words, "The idea for a 3-D event came as I was looking into inspiration for the season's collection, the thought of displaying modern fashion in such a modern medium fascinated me". As such, with the help of director Eric Ray Davidson and More Media Productions, the resulting 3D showcase is an intriguing short film which fully transcribed the fluidity, fit and movement of the clothes in all angles that are impossible to achieve through print look books nor traditional videos.

In terms of narrative, the story is simple and lies in line with Kyle Fitzgibbons' (designer of Native Son) direction. A man wanders and explores through a warehouse, emerging from different places and segues seamlessly from one spot to another. And as he moves through the space, his outfit changes in matching continuity. This falls in line with Fitzgibbons' concept as he wishes to create well-tailored and artfully designed garments for men that will last season after season, evolving and moving as an outlier of the ephemeral fashion trends while staying timeless and relevant. While the 3D clip can be previewed online at Native Son (one would need 3D glasses to fully enjoy the experience), GQ has the 2D version which is easier on the eyes and will also allow one to grasp the concept of Native Son. Check out the 2D video and stay tuned for more detailed images of the label's Fall/Winter 2010 collection to come!