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Shepard Fairey x Stephen Colbert - 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Poster

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Apparently the American representative with the strongest agenda to "DEFEAT THE WORLD" is hilarious right-wing ballsy pundit, Stephen Colbert. In Colbert's quest to both support the American speed skating team and his personal quest for Olympic glory, the irreverent host had enlisted the help of Shepard Fairey to create his Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics campaign poster. With a torch in one hand and riding the bald eagle in reign, his attempt looks hilariously regal. Download the image for free and if you wish to obey, Colbert is urging all to help spread the good word about his trip to Vancouver. And this is from Colbert's personal rally:

Nation! Join Stephen on his quest for Olympic glory LIVE at Creekside Park next to Science World at 1455 Quebec Street in Vancouver, BC on February 17th and 18th at 9:15am. To help spread the word about his historic visit to Canada, DOWNLOAD the exclusive commemorative poster and post it all over Vancouver!

And with his very own 140-word limit on twitter, "vancouver may be lacking in snow, but it won't be lacking in posters of me! download and post!". Perhaps that much more frivolous and nonsensical than Fairey's best political work (the Obama campaign, anyone?) the poster is nevertheless a promise of good laughs and fun times.