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TWON - Spring 2010 | Preview


One of the most loyally and iconically New York labels which remain from day one till now uncompromisingly inspired by New York is twon. Just last month, the label had re-released one of their most popular Canal Street Tees in a new reflective 3M print and garnered a lot of attention from those who missed out on the first. This season, the label continues to take the streets in as a their muses and created a collection of tees that are committed to the city. The first delivery features the original gangs of New York, The Bowery Boys and their rival, The Dead Rabbits. For those unfamiliar with the New York hood legacies, dramas and intertwining relationships, the gangs originated from the Five Points district, which is the worst slum of New York City at that time. Both gangs not only terrorized and committed crimes to fill their wallets and make ends more than meet, they were also perpetrators for their respective parties. As such, there is a tee representing each gang and another featuring the cross streets signifying the hood of Five Points.

The second portion of the season relates the culture of the Italian mafia, and in this group are the Omerta tee and the East River Undertakers, Yay's Pizza and La Cosa Nostra Market tee. The Omerta tee is the Italian mafia's initiation ceremony where the initiate smears his own blood onto a statue of Virgin Mary and then burn it after swearing loyalty into the family and code of silence (Omerta). Meanwhile, the other three tees each represent the criminal enterprises the Italian mafias use as a cover and operate through. The Italian Mafia once maintained a strong hold on racketeering operations in downtown's South Street Seaport, and they often smuggled drugs in tomato cans and pizza boxes through pizza joints. As for the East River tee, let's just say if you ended your relationship with the family, the river is where your life would pretty much end too.

Pledge your loyalties or simply relive a sense of nostalgia for the old-world New York, the tees will be available this season!