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Alexander McQueen Tributes

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The first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York should have started on a joyful, energetic note with anticipation for the new, the fresh and the creative. Sadly, the mood was dampened as early Thursday morning, the fashion world is greeted with a devastating loss of one of its brightest minds and most irreverent and beloved designer, Alexander McQueen. As the world mourns McQueen's departure, tributes poured in and stacked up outside his store in London and New York. Flower bouquets, heart-felt notes, collages decorated the storefronts as fans shared their thoughts and fond memories of the designer.

Aside from personal notes, retailers and the British Fashion Council all have elegiac plans for the designer. For instance, Liberty plans to mount a window display in tribute to the designer, named "For McQueen and Country" while Barneys New York has put up a photo of McQueen in a shadow box window at its Madison Avenue location. While the British Fashion Council preps to create a tribute for McQueen at London Fashion Week, there has yet to be details on what the tribute will be. Meanwhile, postmortem on the designer is due to release on Monday and the cause of death should be confirmed by then. Stay tuned with us for more information to come, and if there is any time to celebrate the designer's work, now is a good time to bust out that skull-print scarf! via: WWD