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adidas Originals - Augmented Reality Experience | DJ Enuff Test Run Video

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On a brisk Sunday morning recently, representative from adidas Originals along with DJ Enuff (of radio channel HOT 97) stopped by the Freshness office in New York for an impromptu exhibition - a trail run of the new adidas Originals Augmented Reality Experience.

A term believe to be coined by Thomas Caudell in 1992, Augmented Reality is essentially a form of layering on the human visual perception. Either done through direct or in-direct forms, Augmented Reality enrich the visual sense with added effects and information superimposed on real-life scenery. And while many have to tapped into the technology already to serve as a backdrop promotional vehicle for a said products and/or services. The team at adidas Originals set out to approach its usage in a complete different way.

Work on the program started a year ago and perfected along several aspects. First, the addition of a virtual neighborhood as a extension on the "house party" and "block party" marketing campaigns, adidas Originals formulated a wider scope with the inclusion of a "neighborhood". Renderings were created on actual buildings in London, England, right down to window frames. Next, the experience needs to be "stand alone", meaning user must fully interact with the AR program. What they realized is that full immersion can be accomplish when the AR is in a game form. Finally, the interaction must be achieve with the simplest set of factors. Hence, the user will only an Internet connection, a computer, a webcam, and an adidas Originals AR sneaker.

The interaction is straight forward and simple. Purchase a pair of adidas Originals AR Sneakers - each base on the 5 essential elements. Then, log-on to adidas Originals Augmented Reality Experience website. Point the AR code on the sneaker to the webcam. Almost instantly, your sneaker becomes a giant joystick.

adidas Originals plans to have 3 games with one launch per month, the first being a neighborhood shootout with hidden Imperial Stormtroopers. Simple toggle the crosshair using your sneaker and fire your blue paintball by pressing the Space bar. The sneaker also act as directional guide when you explore the virtual neighborhood. As the project grow in scope, so are adidas Originals' plan to add more immersive feature to the project.