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Atelier Arthur - Ourasi Sneakers

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The sneaker game has been evolving into a complex playing field of with multiple planes crisscrossing, overlapping and dividing. As luxury labels such as Gucci starts getting down and low onto the street level and certain heritage sportswear labels go the opposite direction and work with the high-end names (Pro-Keds collaboration with Richard Chai), there are new sneaker labels who come into the game with a simple desire to create good dress sneakers for men who want comfort but would not sacrifice sophistication and style. One such label is the new sneaker maker, Ateliers Arthur from San Diego. Combining styles of dress shoes with sneakers and a carefully curated line-up of luxury material, the hybridization of sneakers cater to a wonderful footwear niche. One of the models introduced is the Ourasi which comes in various shades of burnished premium leather and suede, for a futuristic yet old-world feel that seem like sneaker renditions of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. The Ourasi features brogue details in the toe cap and is topped off with a buckled strap around the ankle for a rock-and-roll vibe. All in all, a new pair of sneakers with a sleek sense of style that draws attention but are not ostentatious or loud. The release is expected this coming fall, so do stay tuned for more information to come.via: HB