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COMME des GARçONS - Manga Print Wallets | Available Now

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In the world of contemporary fashion where style and design are ever volatile and dictated by undercurrents of trends and tastemakers, few labels remain determined in their own grounds, pursuing their very own creative visions untainted by popular opinion. Rei Kawakubo's COMME des GARÇONS has remained one such label with a clear sense of direction that pleases the designer and she treads her own happy grounds very much inspirational and conceptual in way one would possibly approach fine arts. Albeit some commercial aspects, the label never fails to refresh and inspire, and this season, Kawakubo has enlisted the help of the doubtful French artist, P. Nicolas Ledoux to use a series of his drawings on a new collection of wallets. The French artist is known for his fine drawings with a hint of melancholy and manga-style traits which question the state and relevance of contemporary art. In Anne Lille's description based on an interview with the artist, "[Ledoux] centers his work around questions whose answers browbeat both their author and those they are directed to: "is it still possible to produce pictures, to give them life and enough weight to take on the world?'; "how can we accept to play the game of contemporary art, of its culture- to buy into its rules and goals?'"

And the result of this matrimony—a collection of coin purses, zip-wallets featuring the artist's rendition of life and urban-scape through his perspective of the world. The wallets have a quiet reflective quality, just as Ledoux work does.

The collection is now available online at the DSM E-SHOP, for those who are feeling the artist's work.