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Freshness Feature - A Designer Of Interest: Hue Vo

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A pattern there, a silhouette here, color palettes strewn about, clippings of material and samples tacked on an   over-sized cork board...this is how one would imagine how the workstation of a sneaker designer looks like.   Then situate this very scene in a person thought process.   This is the ultimate definition of a sneaker designer, one with so much affinity to the "process" that it becomes instinctive.   Such is a designer who usually goes by one name - Hue.   For close to a decade now, Hue has been the "go to" person on numerous projects and collaborations.   The obvious reason is his almost natural faculty in coming out with great, solid designs. (we eyewitness this in a recent project where he came out with 6 solid design concepts in the period of 48 hours) However, it is his wealth of knowledge and experiences, from his days as a buyer at Fred Segal, an early participant at Nike's Blue Haus Project, to the more recent works with UNDFTD, that really set him apart from his peers.   Yet in any form of outings, you will not hear the mention of his name.   Making Hue the most novel designer you never hear of.   It also makes him a "person of interest", or more fittingly, a "designer of interest".

> Freshness Feature - A Designer Of Interest: Hue Vo