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Tokishirazu x GOODENOUGH - Mods Coat

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Tokyo's select shop Tokishirazu is working with GOODENOUGH to bring back the stand out pieces from the early 90's in retro versions. One of the pieces that have launched is this Mods Coat retro that originally was released in 1996.

Taking the vintage M-51 as a base, this coat features an original stripe material under the left sleeves that was innovative during those days and instantly gained fans. Each patch design is recreated to the original specs and to improve on the classic the patches are fastened by velcro and can be removed easily. There is also an inner lining that can be detached as well which is new for this 2010 model. Last of the new detailing is the sleeve material that uses vintage blanket that makes sure each and every jacket is not the same. Also there is a specially designed bandanna for each purchase that will definitely make fans happy. Currently these jackets are available exclusively at Tokishirazu and limited to 100 pieces.