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A Continuous Lean - A Conversation With Jean Touitou of A.P.C. | Video

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In the virtual world of Internet where everyone owns a blog and anyone can throw opinions out there, A Continuous Lean stands out with a quiet determination which refines and reaffirms that there can be quality in the web. ACL recently sat down with Jean Touitou from A.P.C (a label which redefined contemporary French chic for the world) and chatted about everything from media to his inspirations. The conversation gives audience an insight into Jean Touitou and enlightens all on how A.P.C thrives as the quintessential label in contemporary fashion. Relentless strive for perfection (it took A.P.C ten years to perfect a proper shoulder for the men's jacket) and a humble attitude (Touitou is constantly trying to better himself, wishes to read more books and believes there is more he needs to learn) are pretty much ingredients for a winning recipe to success. Check out part one of the video and stay tuned for part two of the interview to come! via: A Continuous Lean