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adidas Originals - A.039 - Full Back | Available Now

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Sure fresh and unprecedented are good and will always capture attention of sneakerheads who are constantly looking for game changers. However, classics will remain classics for a reason, and when unadorned and stripped bare to the very essentials, one learn to appreciate the sneaker for what it is beyond the colorway or print or crazy embellishments. New from adidas Originals' A.039 homage line (to the original adidas blue color and classic models) is a pair of naked Full Back hi-top. White from tongue to toe, the ankle strap, stripes down to the very soles are kept in the same immaculate shade of white. The only adornment is a minute special A.039 branding on the tongue. The epitome of simplicity and everything one would want in a bare, basic pair of good kicks, it will probably hurt when one accidentally scuff these white Full Back. The Full Back is now available for purchase online at caliroots alongside the navy and tan Campus 80s. Perfect for sneaker purists who know that one can't never have too many pairs of white kicks!





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