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RANSOM - Fall 2010 | Preview

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Shovel, hike, chop and roam. Canadian outdoor label RANSOM knows what's good for the great outdoors in the chilly weather, and thus its collaborative venture with adidas had been such a hit for the urbanites and outdoor buffs alike. RANSOM continues to refine their great outdoor theme for Fall 2010 playing off the North American landscape. Puffy down vests are masculine with woolly plaid button downs and roomy denim that are generous in the thighs but not sloppy. Plaid jackets top light denim tucked into the hike-ready two-tone Creek boots. A great M65-esque hooded jacket keeps the casual sweats structured and city-ready. Fit for the woods and creeks yet perfectly relevant for the urban wanderer, RANSOM continues to look good next fall and promises new pieces that will renew those 2009 plaid button downs and gives us a world where lumberjack chic is not ironic images via: HS