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UNDERCOVER - UNDERCOVER Hiroshima Renewal Open One Off T-shirt

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Jun Takahashi's avant-garde Japanese label, UNDERCOVER, will be hosting a renewal opening of the its Hiroshima store tomorrow. The location re-opening on the historical island shattered by the atomic bomb in WWII will be re-introduced to the world in a new form. Aside from regular UNDERCOVER shop, there will also be a shop-in-shop at the reprised location. To commemorate the renewal opening, the label has created a ONE OFF tee for the occasion. Featuring a mind-bending overlap of cosmic graphics that are out of this world (is that a strawberry with teeth orbiting in the universe?), the tee is conceptually UNDERCOVER and intriguingly clandestine. If you happen to be in town and have time to drop by the new spot, do take some time to visit, check out the new space and pick up a fresh tee. via: Jun Takahashi

Opening Date: February 20th (Saturday)