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LACOSTE - The Element Of Style | Available Now

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A victorious match, an alligator suitcase, a white pique cotton polo and 77 years later, LACOSTE has emerged a champion of casual sports chic ruling the courts, the runway (LACOSTE's recent Fall 2010 presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week received stellar reviews) and real life. Founded by tennis legend Rene LACOSTE in 1933 with a revolutionary white pique polo shirt which changed the game of dressing for the games, LACOSTE has ushered in an era of sports style that made functional synonymous with style. To document the history and evolution of LACOSTE, ASSOULINE has just published LACOSTE: The Element Of Style. This hefty tome of savoir vivre and savoir faire is all about living, breathing and being. The book dressed in a clean monochrome sleeve with a small LACOSTE logo (a la the polo shirts) traces the contemporary relevance of LACOSTE and how his elegance, flair and creativity from the glorious Roaring Twenties lives on today. It tells the story of the labels various collections--the Club collection, the Sport collection-- and design sensibility in detail. It relates personal anecdotes to the brand, and gives voice to a label which has transgressed through generations, countries and cultures. A documentation of everything LACOSTE in a comprehensive A-Z breakdown and a illumination of "democratic luxuriousness", the book as introduced by Olivier Margot (Editor in Chief of L'Equipe) is a delightfully elegant read for those who enjoy a good heritage.