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The Selby x colette - The Selby's Window Apartment at colette

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The Selby has been there for us when we needed to quell our curiosity about the spaces of creative people (be it the bedroom, the living room or the canvas-strewn studio). Has anyone ever wondered what The Selby's apartment looks like? In commemoration and conjunction with the launch of The Selby book April 1 worldwide, The Selby has partnered up with colette to create The Selby's Window Apartment where fans can get a feel of The Selby's space, meet The Selby and also participate in some cool events. The Selby's Window Apartment will be available for peruse from March 1 to March 6, and some adorable events include having The Selby make a portrait of your pet, sing a song and bust out some karaoke moves, get a free VIP interior Selby Consultation and of course, pick up the book. Of course, colette will be getting copies ahead of the world on March 1 as well as limited edition signed prints and Selby stickers. Stay tuned for more event photos to come. But if you will be in town prior to Paris Fashion Week, do remember to drop by colette and say hi to The Selby (of course, checking out The Selby's apartment is probably the biggest motivation).

The Selby's Window Apartment At colette

Event Dates: March 1st (Monday) - March 6th (Saturday)

213 rue Saint-Honoré | Map
75001 Paris, France