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Levi's x OriginalFake - Levi's S501XX 1944 | Release Information

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Levi's and OriginalFake had come together again to create special "Chomped" denim this season. The latest model due to release this coming Saturday on February 27 is a remix of Levi's 1944 classic, the S501XX. The 1944 S501 was created during WWII when the US government dictated that clothing manufacturers remove excess material from garments to help conservation during the war. As such, these denim from Levi's were the first to come without cinch back, coin pocket rivet and has the iconic back pocket arcs painted on instead of stitched.

For the collaboration with OriginalFake, the labels kept true to the unadorned nature of the 1944 S501 and painted on the OriginalFake "Chomp" pocket lining and arcs instead of having them embroidered or stitched on like the 3rd Anniversary collaborative pairs. The coin pockets on these rigid denim are without metal rivets as well, staying true to Levi's heritage.

The collaborative denim not only brings two labels together, but also keeps history alive in the present with a contemporary KAWS touch. These denim will be available at OriginalFake soon, so keep an eye out for them. via: Medicom Toy Blog

Release Date: February 27th (Saturday)