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adidas Originals by Originals - Spring/Summer 2010 - James Bond For David Beckham Collection

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When you put the the most stylistically celebrated footballer of today and one of quintessential tastemakers of the industry together, there is no doubt good things are bound to happen. And when those two happen to share a special understanding for design and style like footballer expat David Beckham and UNDFTD's James Bond together, the results are nothing short of spectacular for fans.

The duo came together under the calling of adidas Originals by Originals (a special collaborative line-up enlisting help of coveted designers of today--Jeremy Scott and Kazuki Kuraishi being the other two working in the ObyO line) and successfully translated American sports style into sleek, contemporary pieces that are fit for both courts and cities. As previously previewed, the first part of the duo's Spring/Summer 2010 delivery is a vision of simplicity and utilitarian minimalism-- fairly unadorned with splashes of color to brighten up the clean-cut collection.

The second portion of the collection maintains the same clutter-free aesthetics and plays up an item's depth through minute details. For instance, the sneakers in the second delivery do not sport ostentatious colors nor designs but creates complexity through a mix of materials such as suede with leather and waxed laces, and mesh nylon with leather. As for apparel, pieces are cut generously to fit the men who do enjoy a good lifting session and logs a good gym time. They are unrestrictive and have more give than most contemporary menswear pieces today that call for a rock-and-roll snug fit. White henley tee hangs loose over roomy chambray shorts and can be worn under a red hooded windbreaker that has a zipper on the side as opposed to the front.

For the practical man who would like their sportswear to get an urban update (who wants to look like they just went to the gym, right?) or vice versa, the collection is due to release in the coming months at adidas Originals stores.