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adidas Originals - Facebook Integration | Review

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Something fun happened at adidas Originals recently that makes online shopping, or "window shopping" (pun intended) so much more informative, accessible and addicting.

adidas Originals has integrated Facebook (enabled by Facebook Connect, which is a set of APIs for developers to bring connections and identity everywhere online to create more engaging user experiences) into its products page on the adidas Originals site! Before you shake your head and go "So what? Everyone has been doing Facebook pages and integration", hear this out-- adidas didn't just enable share via: Facebook (although that option is available and has been around for a while now), but it taps into Facebook as if the most popular social media site is Yelp quite extensively.

Confused? Simply put, one can view Facebook comments and reviews from fellow adidas Originals fans about a specific product. Hence, while you are looking at the new electric blue Superstar Lo from the Augmented Reality pack, not only can you look at pictures of the shoes, zoom in and zoom out as you like, you can also read reviews from adidas Originals Facebook fans or users who have something to say about the product. So, the new Facebook function on the products page seems more like a reverse integration of the norms (instead of just having Facebook pages that link back to the main site, information flows the other way around), bringing the world of social media marketing a fresh function and perspective.

With the newly integrated Facebook system, when we browse over to the S.W. - Luke Skywalker kicks, we found out that one of the fan's boyfriend/girlfriend have those shoes and he/she "looks really good" in them, and we also received blessings of The Force. When reading the comments, if something triggers your online socializing fancy, you can comment right back without having to open a new tab for Facebook, go through the trouble of loading the adidas Originals page, then locate the product and comment there.

The Facebook integration is quite simple in concept, but it is refreshing and it does open up new doors of interaction--which by the laws of marketing, will build a loyal fan base. Think about it, instead of simply clicking through pages of products, now you have spent time thinking about them, commenting and interacting with other people over these. You have invested time and energy into a new relationship with the brand and product, and it just makes things that much more intriguing.

adidas Originals has been performing spectacularly with some of the most innovative online interactive campaigns (the newly launched Augmented Reality Adidas Neighborhood being the epitome of the brand's hi-tech venture). Even though the Facebook integration seems like a smaller step in comparison, it is quite clear that adidas Originals is advancing through the web and garnering a loyal fan base by providing opportunities of interaction through fresh concepts and cutting edge tools. Take sometime and peruse through the new product catalogue, get distracted at work, and check out what people have to say so you too can be an informed consumer (or just a nosy commentator if you wish!)