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adidas Originals - Spring/Summer 2010 - Street Pack - Apparel

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To the sartorial purists who say one can't one can't wear print on print, and blue on red on green, adidas Originals replies, "Why not?" As previously reported, adidas Originals taps into the unique adidas Originality which roamed the streets and reworked streetwear styling with adidas authenticity to bring a little something unique, fresh and all adidas to its Spring/Summer 2010 line up with the Street Pack.

The Street Pack is entirely and distinctly adidas Originals with no collaborative influence. It is just about the street, and the label. Like the footwear we have previewed, the classic sportswear pieces in the Street Pack don't shy away from colors and prints, and have no qualms about mixing them together. Windbreakers are color-blocked in Skittles shades and striped tees feature printed sketches. Photo collages, whimsical drawings and a generous mix of texture pairing nylon with jersey with different color-blocked shades, are all a part of adidas Originals' new street style agenda.

The new adidas Street Pack wearer may not have to be young but will definitely have a comparable energy level and bright-eyed attitude towards life. A collection which urges its wearer not too take life too seriously and not be afraid of testing boundaries, do keep an eye out for the collection to pick up the rest of your wardrobe basics this season. via: FNG