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Freshness Feature: Trial and Peddle: A Conversation With Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens of OUTLIER

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Avid cyclists and Freshness readers are probably familiar with the brand, OUTLIER. The clothing label dedicated to making the perfect cycling gear unheard of in other sportswear or even cycling labels has steadily won fans over since the company's inception. OUTLIER's founders Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens founded the company under a serendipitous meeting (although the barista at Gimme Coffee who introduced them might have said it's quite a deliberate introduction) without prior experience in neither fashion design nor tailoring. However, both men shared the same goal in wanting to make something perfect they can't find on the market (Abe wanted to make cycling pants, and Tyler wanted to make shirts), and they also shared a common belief that cycling is the 21st century's urban transportation of choice. Long story short, after the duo met they went on by trial and error to create some of the most amazing cycling gear (the label's 4 Season cycling pants repels rain and is magically self-cleaning of light grime) that are pretty much resistant to everything unwanted by the cyclist. As such, OUTLIER liberates cyclists from restrictive clothing and unpredictable weather, giving them the freedom to simply enjoy the ride.

Meticulously dedicated, OUTLIER only creates products based on need (the label does not force products out to keep up with seasonal calendars) and the duo test everything on a rolling bike to make sure it is up to par with a cyclist's rigorous demand and wear. There are very few labels out there today with iron will, clear direction and curiosity (the duo are constantly looking for fresh material to work with) needed to sustain and push products to the next level for their consumers. As such, Freshness is very excited to have been able to get a word in with Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens, learn more about the label, its work habits and so forth, and share this with everyone. Check out our interview with OUTLIER and also remember to drop by OUTLIER's site to see the good work they are doing! A must read for cyclists everywhere.

> Freshness Feature: Trial and Peddle: A Conversation With Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens of OUTLIER