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visvim - Ballistic 20L HEXAGON Backpack

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Mimicking one of nature's strongest structures, the honeycomb, Japan's visvim takes cues from bees and reinforced a 20 liter ballistic nylon backpack with hexagonal embroidery. Not quite enough by visvim's uncompromising standards for longevity, the label then adds a kangaroo-hide lower section to ensure the backpack has a fort-like resilience against all loads.

The Ballistic 20L Hexagon comes with 3 3D-engineered compartments. 3D engineering reduces load-drag by moving heavier items closer to the wearer's back. The pack may be outdoor-ready, but technical details accommodating gadgets make the pack a perfect companion for the tech-savvy urban male. A neoprene-lined laptop chamber will protect your 15" Macbook from shock and drops; a special audio player pocket comes with fleece lining and headphone cord port for maximum protection and de-tangling. For those going snowboarding, a hydration system complete with tube port keeps its wearer happily "watered" at all times.

Other great details include a "side door" zipper for when one need to rearrange things with an alternative entry, lizard-belly padded back panel to reduce pressure and genuine Swiss Riri zippers to prevent unfortunate and embarrassing bursts. The backpack is now ready for order via: visvim   in both purple and olive shades. If there is anything to invest in, a study travel companion that safeguards your most prized possession would be it.