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BURBERRY PRORSUM - Fall/Winter 2010 - Outerwear and Accessories Available Until Tomorrow

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There is a great sense of urgency buzzing about the Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2010 show which just wrapped at London Fashion Week. First, the label had streamed the runway show in 3D simultaneously to other special viewing venues around the globe; secondly, the pitch perfect collection of cadet-girl inspired military coats and paired with just the right amount of frills is now available for purchase, essentially resolving the issue of six-month wait and revolutionizing the fashion calendar.

For those who didn't manage to catch the show (which was also streaming online via: Burberry in traditional 2D), the collection is a macabre precision of military tough luxe, balancing classic military silhouettes such as the leather avia:tor jacket with a dramatic shearling funnel neck that is spotlight ready for the glamorous. The winning collection which had scored the hearts of some of fashion's toughest critics is an accolade to Christopher Bailey. The intriguing, creative yet highly wearable collection of military-garb parkas and heavy-duty overcoats have the right touch of runway finesse and high fashion nuance that they are hit the niche cord of utility and style.

For a limited time only until tomorrow, outerwear as seen on the runway and accessories are available for purchase and peruse right this season (fulfilling many 's long-time dream to beat the production schedule). Buy now, think later, love forever-- now the only rushed dilemma is to decide what to buy.

Ending Date: February 26th (Friday)