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Takashi Murakami x McG x Kirsten Dunst - Akihabara Majokko Princess | Video

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Under Takashi Murakami's whimsically magical production and McG's (McG is the man behind Terminator Salvation and Charlie's Angels) direction, Hollywood Starlet Kirsten Dunst is transformed into a anime-inspired Aikihabara Majokko Princess in fluffy candy colored tutu, a bright yellow sailor top, baby blue gingham stockings pink shoes and bright blue hair. And let's not forget the sparkling wand which accompanies Dunst on her prance through Tokyo's quirky Akihabara district (home to the Otaku subculture where men have an insatiable fascination with the fantastical anime and manga world). As previously reported, Murakami's Akihabara Majokko Princess video was available for viewing at Tate Modern's Pop Life: Art In A Material World. The video is now finally available online, and we can all follow Dunst's extraordinary journey through Akihabara as she sings a pop tune about turning Japanese. Get ready to be dazzled with a lot of colors, sparkles, dancing, and also look out for Murakami and NIGO (BAPE) in the video. Murakami's flower plush ball (with Murakami in it!) also make a snuggly appearance in the video, so enjoy!