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Tokishirazu x GOODENOUGH - Retro Items

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More items from Japanese select shop Tokishirazu and cult brand GOODENOUGH will be dropping soon as the line up increases in their effort to recreate the classic designs from the 90s in which GOODENOUGH was established and gained its cult following amongst the street scene in Japan and through out the world.

This time the retro items include the typographic Rock N Roll t-shirt released in 1994, Cable Knit Cap, "g" logo bandanna and Reactive gdeh t-shirt all released in 1996. For those who were lucky enough to witness the original pieces, it is a good recreation of the original with the t-shirts using quality cotton accented with a flag tag on the side. The release date is not finalized yet but fans should watch the Tokishirazu website closely as these will only be sold at selected Tokishirazu shops online and offline.