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EASTPAK x Christopher Shannon Round 2 - Fall/Winter 2010

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There is only ever so often when backpacks and sports bags win the attention of tough runway critics, thus, when a winning collaboration like the one between British designer Christopher Shannon and EASTPAK comes along, it is only natural that people anticipate more. And, the duo does not fail to disappoint as they return with a new season for Fall/Winter 2010.

The duo's first collaboration kicked off for Spring/Summer 2010 when a line-up of EASTPAK's iconic models such as the Padded Pak'r and Pinnacle were given the futuristic minimal makeover by Shannon and debuted at London Fashion Week last year. This year, just launched at Christopher Shannon's show at the London Fashion Week as well is the fresh collection of collaborative EASTPAK products from Shannon. The line-up includes reworked iconic pieces such as the Station and the perennial favorite--Padded Pak'r. The EASTPAK shapes are remixed in fresh fabrics, colors and an interested patched, quilted design.

As Christopher Shannon commented, the duo "wanted to work forward from last season without repeating the range too much". As such, they "kept a few signature themes but played with colors, textures and finishes more". The overall result is a collection that "feels softer but still feel sporty".

Very much like Shannon's eponymous collection, an interesting mesh of fabrics such as an opulent velvety, terry-cloth like panel is paired with sportier nylon and topped with a deliberately crinkled top. The contrasting materials are also found in Shannon's runway button downs, which explored and pushed the boundaries of sportswear with dressier styles. The colors are kept cool in blues and greys aside from the occasional shades of tan and purples.

Currently, the EASTPAK Christopher Shannon Spring/Summer 2010 Collection is available at key retailers including EASTPAK Icon Store, Liberty, Selfridges, Urban Outfitters and ASOS. If you are feeling the Fall/Winter bags, do stay tuned and check back for more release information to come.