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Gumball 3000 Super-Hero Sweatshirt

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Think Gone In Sixty Seconds meet Fast and the Furious. But instead of foolhardy street racers, Gumball 3000 sports celebrities such Guy Ritchie, Kate Moss and even Monica Lewinski. For racing and exotic sports car enthusiasts, Gumball 3000 is probably the most coveted annual international automobile fanfare which takes place on public roads across the world. The race was founded by Maximillion Cooper back in 1999 when Cooper invited 50 of his most eccentric, not to mention famous, friends to take part in an insanely ambitious 6 day 3000 mile drive around Europe. For Gumball 3000, there are no rules and no restrictions unlike traditional NASCAR or F1 races. There are no prizes for coming in first, and there's no official time keeping. Rather than a race, the Gumball 3000 rally is more like a formidable road trip filled with an inventory of cars Jay Leno or even Tony Stark would be envious of.

This year, Gumball 3000 will be crossing the Atlantic and will be traveling from London through Amesterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Boston, Quebec City and Toronto before rounding off in New York City. 2010's craziest week-long adrenaline rush will be sporting participants such as pro-skater Tony Hawk (his fifth tour), and a heavily modified (think £50,000 upgrade) 2004 Viper SRT-10.

To kick off 2010, the apparel line from Gumball 3000 has just released the brand new Super-Hero sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is a part of Gumball's Spring/Summer 2010 collection with a theme of "Wish I was a Baller". Heavily influenced by US and Japanese street culture, especially with skateboarding and automotive heritage, the "Motor, Superhero and Bug prints" have become instant favorites alongside collegiate inspired and cut and sew pieces.

Check out the easy wearing crewneck Super-Hero Sweatshirt sporting nothing but the great Gumball 3000 logo. Even if you are not shelling out £30,000 of entry fee to participate and race alongside Tony Hawk this year, you can still live vicariously through the sweatshirt.