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United Visual Artists (UVA) - Y-3

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In creating a fantasy world where urban vagabonds are reacting against the stasis of reality and searching for a liberating escape, Y-3 enlisted the help of UK's United Visual Artists to create a light installation for its Fall 2010 show at New York Fashion Week.

United Visual Artist is a British-based collective whose work with light spans from permanent architectural installations to live performances and responsive installation. Some of their renowned pieces include Volume at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is an impressive responsive audio-visual installation of an array of LED light columns positioned in the center of the garden.

As for the collective's Y-3 project, white monolith beams of laser light carves a void out of the darkened Park Avenue Armory and models emerged through the void, as if coming into existence from the light at the end of the tunnel. Lasers were used to create a visual illusion of architectural forms to define the catwalk, lighting up the paths that the models take while also creating a sense of division between the audience's space and the models' world. Essentially, United Visual Artists succeeded in creating a stunning presentation which visually transcribes the metaphorical aspect of a sartorial collection into physical space with tech and flair. Enjoy the pictures from the show and get a different perspective of the sophisticated presentation from Y-3.

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