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BODEGA x Converse Poorman Weapon

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The Boston-based storefront, Bodega, has a unique collaboration with Converse that is set to release on Saturday, March 13th. Limited to 100 pieces, this sneaker comes with a ballistic nylon case. Sporting a rugged canvas upper, the upper ankle area rolls down to cover the ankle and the laces. As seen in the photo, you can rock the laces wrapped around the folded down section that has the Bodega logo embroidered on the front. The inner of the shoe is lined with deerskin leather to give the shoe a soft, comfortable feel and a cool look in the contrasting gray canvas. If you're in the Beantown area and you want to grab these, you will probably have to get there really early, so start making plans soon.

Release Date: March 13th




Bodega | MAP

6 Clearway St.
Boston, MA 02115