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BAPE x Gene Krell - Haiti Charity Tee

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For some 2010 kicked off a devastating start as earthquakes rampaged through the world and destroyed countries such as the Chile (where tsunami resulting from the powerful 8.8-magnitude earthquake threatened various countries at the end of February), and prior to that, the Haiti earthquake which had not only shocked the nation, but also the world. In light of formidable natural disasters, rebuilding is a tedious process, which many struggle with long after the rest of the world gradually moves on with life. To keep the rebuilding process going and to facilitate giving the displaced a little more stability, BAPE has partnered up with the International Fashion Director of Vogue Nippon/ GQ Japan, Gene Krell, to create a Haiti Charity tee.

The t-shirt featuring graphics created by the duo (featuring the map of Haiti with sun shining over it on the front, and a free-hand script of "The Sun Will Shine Again On The People Of Haiti One Love" on the back) is now available for purchase via BAPELAND. Proceeds from sales will go entirely to international NGO, "Save The Children Japan" where the organization will utilize the raised sum for rebuilding and rescue activities in Haiti. via: NIGO/BAPELAND