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In the world rampant with collaborations where it seems like most labels feel an urge or need to find a partner to stand out in the competitive industry, this is quite an unusual partnership; and as usual, unusual partnerships that are surprisingly spot on are Rei Kawakubo's specialty. The collaborative canvas in question is the nylon and polyamide swimsuits from Speedo (also known as the quintessential maker of the "banana hammock").

These snug numbers are often donned competitively and for function than for casual pick up games of volleyball on the beach. But with COMME des GARÇONS PLAY's cheeky spin, the swimming trunks and shorts are now stylishly revived and put on the fashion map. The capsule collection sports three different styles—two trunks (each of a different colorway) and a pair of shorts. They are each adorned with a small PLAY's iconic heart logo on the side and otherwise kept clean in black. A wonderful example of effective collaboration where function marries style in a harmonious manner (that invites all to exclaim, "This should have been done sooner!"), the collection of swimsuits are now available online at colette, just in time for summer.